Give it a Go!


During March 2013 you can try a range of activities and events which will help you be active, eat well and feel good. The Public Health Agency (PHA), Armagh City & District Council, Banbridge District Council, Craigavon Borough Council and Newry & Mourne District Council, Southern Health and Social Care Trust and Southern Group Environmental Health Committee are joining forces to provide a healthy living initiative and encouraging everyone to choose to ‘Give it a Go!’

Family eco trails, family fun cycles in local parks, gym & fitness suite promotions, boot camps and weight loss clubs, are just some of the activities planned. All of these events are available at special promotional rates and in your local area, just click on your area to find out more.

In addition to these events HALF PRICE swims (adult and junior) will be available from 4th – 24th March 2013 at certain times in the following centres:

Banbridge Leisure Centre Tel: 028 4062 8800 
Cascades Leisure Complex, Portadown Tel: 028 3833 2802
Craigavon Leisure Centre Tel: 028 3834 1333
Kilkeel Leisure Centre Tel: 028 4176 4666
Newry Leisure Centre Tel: 028 3031 3130
Orchard Leisure Centre, Armagh Tel: 028 3751 5920
Waves Leisure Complex, Lurgan Tel: 028 3832 2906

Eating well and being active are two of the most important things we can do to keep well, feel great and achieve and maintain a healthy weight.

Eating well

What we eat every day has a big impact on our health – from the amount of energy we have when we get up in the morning to our risk of developing conditions like heart disease and cancer in the future.

For more information on eating well, go to

Be active

Being active is really important for our health at every age - and it’s also vital to help keep at a healthy weight or, if necessary, to lose weight and keep it off.

•Adults should be active every day, totalling at least 150 mins of moderate intensity activity in a week. This can be in bouts of at least 10 mins, eg 30 mins each day on at least 5 days a week.

A good way to achieve these recommendations is to build activity into your normal routine eg:

  • 1. Swap driving the children to school to walking instead;
  • 2. Swap spending your lunch breaks sitting in the office for a walk with a colleague;
  • 3. Swap the car for a bike or swap sitting for moving;
  • 4. Swap watching the children play to joining in;
  • 5. Swap watching the TV for waking the dog. 

Children and young people need for activity than this: 

  • Children under 5 (who cannot walk) should be as active as possible through floor-based and water play. 
  • Children under 5 who can walk should be active for at least 150 mins (3 hours) spread throughout the day.
  • Children and young people aged 5-18 years should be moderately to vigorously active for at least 60 mins up to several hours each day.

For more information on physical activity, go to

Give it a go! Roadshow

Come along to one of our exciting Give it a go! roadshows to find out more about healthy living and try a range of free activities which are fun and good for you and your family..

Freebies, health information and interactive activities including:

Waist measurements/Body Mass Index assessments
Healthy Eating Advice
Nutrition/Cookery demonstrations
Fitness tests and much more 

Saturday 23 February: The Quays shopping centre, Newry from 10am-2pm

Thursday 28 February: Tesco, Banbridge (in the Give it a go! bus) from 3pm-7pm

Friday 1 March: Tesco, Craigavon from 3pm-7pm

Saturday 2 March: The Shambles, Armagh (in the Give it a go! bus) from 9am –1pm

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